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New release by Benevolence



Purchase God

“God” from Benevolence is an offering of majesty and power that proves the ultimate
heights of metal are just now coming in to our view. Utilizing powerful opera vocals and finely crafted musicianship
“God” dares you to tread in to musical territory that has yet to be explored.
From the opening strains of “Lovely Death” to the last note of “Satisfy God” you’ll find an offering of might
that pushes your imagination in to often dark and foreboding places only to swiftly pull you towards supernovas of musical artistry that on Benevolence could create.
With unique takes on Iron Maiden’s “the Number of the Beast”, “Hallowed be thy Name” and Kreator’s timeless “Flag of Hate”,
Benevolence shows you that their unique arrangement and incredible talent can push the limits of the metal
you love and bring out the true might of these classic metal anthems.
“God” is a must for any true metal fan and connoisseur of amazing music.
Whether riding in to battle or contemplating the infinite vastness of existence, let Benevolence take you there.